series of exhibitions “Puusüü” / “The Woodgrain”

story behind the exhibitions Every artist knows how much the material on which the work is created means to the experience of creation. It is a completely different feeling to paint on white fabric or on natural plywood already full of patterns and shapes. Plywood as a base material has been used in my paintings throughout my time as an artist. Although I have used it very sporadically, I can still call it my favorite material. I consciously stopped painting on canvas a few years ago when I started experimenting with the possibilities of fire and tree cooperation.  Of course, these are not equal partners, and so the wood does not have the slightest chance against fire. As a cautious

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Wild Ones

“Wild Ones” is a oilpainting done well! I praise myself too rarely, and that’s why I’m doing it today. I started preparing for the painting at the beginning of December. Two larger plywood trays with a beautiful pattern were waiting and so I decided to burn them together. Messing around with a gas burner in a crisp, cold weather in the yard of the country house was a mystical experience in itself. /see the process on Instagram I was already very excited from the burning process and couldn’t wait to get started with the painting. The central figure position in the plywood board was clearly established by the allmighty itself, and the paintingtook off from there. I painted a bit

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In the woods

I will talk a little about the painting called `In the woods.’ I used to make preparatory sketches before starting the paintings on the burnt plywood boards. I planned the compositions of the works quite precisely before starting to paint. However, I have always considered the process of painting itself as important as the end result. Surprises in the course of work are exactly what give things pleasure and excitement. While burning the wooden boards and planning the artworks, I found that the paintings had started to compose themselves. I don’t have to start ”from scratch” because the fire element has already firmly established itself on the plywood. In the painting `In the woods, the main composition, which has been

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