I will talk a little about the painting called `In the woods.’

I used to make preparatory sketches before starting the paintings on the burnt plywood boards. I planned the compositions of the works quite precisely before starting to paint. However, I have always considered the process of painting itself as important as the end result. Surprises in the course of work are exactly what give things pleasure and excitement.

While burning the wooden boards and planning the artworks, I found that the paintings had started to compose themselves. I don’t have to start ”from scratch” because the fire element has already firmly established itself on the plywood.

In the painting `In the woods, the main composition, which has been bourn from the heat, is very clearly perceptible. The shape of three tree trunks and the white figure form in the center of the work suggested both the theme and the mood of the artwork. What followed was just a symphony born from the cooperation of the subconscious mind and the body.