“Wild Ones” is a oilpainting done well!

I praise myself too rarely, and that’s why I’m doing it today.

I started preparing for the painting at the beginning of December. Two larger plywood trays with a beautiful pattern were waiting and so I decided to burn them together.

Messing around with a gas burner in a crisp, cold weather in the yard of the country house was a mystical experience in itself.

/see the process on Instagram

I was already very excited from the burning process and couldn’t wait to get started with the painting. The central figure position in the plywood board was clearly established by the allmighty itself, and the paintingtook off from there.

I painted a bit timidly, because I didn’t want to lose the transparency of the surface by repeated repainting, but as the matter progressed, my confidence grew and, as already boasted, I am satisfied with the result.

The theme of crows and ravens was clearly reflected in my life in 2023. We found an apathetic baby crow freezing in the rain in the hay at the edge of the field in the springtime. We popped him all summer until it learned to fly. We went to the city for a week and after coming back we didn’t see the young crow never again. Either he became a meal for the fox or found company among his fellow species, but he was an exciting character and definitely left a mark on my subconscious mind.

I have painted the forest before and many times. Before the latest, I had finished the painting ”In the Woods” made in the same technique, and now ”Wild Ones” – it looked like a series has starting to take shape.